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Women, Sustainability, and Fashion: A Love Story

Nubian Lane Hat Company is all about featuring diverse and sustainable brands and is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month.

We all know that women have a long and storied history of leading the charge when it comes to environmental and sustainability movements. After all, it was a woman who coined the term "ecology" back in the late 19th century. And today, women are still at the forefront of sustainability initiatives—especially when it comes to fashion. Here's a look at how women have been shaping the sustainable fashion movement throughout history.

The Early Days of Sustainable Fashion
The modern sustainable fashion movement can be traced back to the early days of the 20th century, when a group of women in New York City founded the first-ever eco-friendly fashion label. These women were tired of the wasteful and polluting practices of the traditional fashion industry, so they decided to do something about it. They started by using natural fibers like cotton and linen instead of synthetic materials like polyester. They also began producing their clothing in small batches to reduce waste. And they made a commitment to only using sustainable dyes and fabrics. This label, known as "Eco-Bella," was the first of its kind, and it set the stage for other sustainable fashion brands that would follow in its footsteps.

The Rise of Fast Fashion…and Its Downfall
In the early 2000s, a new type of fashion brand began to emerge: fast fashion. These brands were all about churning out new styles as quickly and cheaply as possible, with little regard for the environmental or social impact of their practices. As a result, fast fashion became synonymous with low-quality clothing that fell apart quickly—and ended up in landfills just as quickly. But consumers were drawn to fast fashion's low prices and on-trend styles, and the industry boomed. That is until recently, when consumers started to become more aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion—and started demanding better from the brands they buy from.

The Future of Sustainable Fashion is Bright—Thanks to Women!
Today, there are more sustainable fashion brands than ever before—and women are leading the charge. Brands like Reformation and Everlane are proving that it is possible to make stylish, high-quality clothing without sacrificing people or planet. And as consumers continue to demand better from the fashion industry, we can only expect sustainable brands to continue to grow in popularity. So next time you're looking for some new clothes and accessories, like hats, remember: sustainability is always in style!

Women have played a vital role in shaping the sustainable fashion movement throughout history—and they continue to lead the charge today. Thanks to women like those who founded Eco-Bella back in the early 20th century, we now have an abundance of stylish, sustainable brands to choose from when we're shopping for new clothes. So next time you need a wardrobe refresh, remember: sustainability is always in style!
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